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Being with Sbs has allowed me to meet great new people and given me the chance to interact with like minded people.

My Bio

Chris Oxenbury Aka Okse is an artist based in the West Midlands, he studied at Stourbridge Art College in his home town in The Black Country. Okse later went on to work in the games industry working on racing titles for Lego and also the Bafta award winning Sydney 2000.

In 2005 Okse left the industry and pursued his main passion in life, Art. In his first year as a freelance artist Okse was signed to a big publisher and released 6 limited edition prints using comedy icons as the main subject, these prints sold well with “To the Trottermobile” flying off gallery walls within weeks.

Okse who is based in Leamington Spa has now decided to concentrate on creating original pieces and now takes commissions from clients worldwide.

What is The Wedding Painter?

The Wedding Painter is a service provided by published artist Chris "Okse" Oxenbury .

Imagine the excitement and buzz created amongst your guests by having a professional painter working on a unique piece of art on your special day!

As your guests arrive at the reception from the ceremony, professional artist Okse will paint a pre-chosen favourite photo of the couple in front of the gathered crowd.

Okse finds that having an artist painting at the wedding not only provides excellent entertainment but acts as a real icebreaker and a unique talking point as the guests and the couple see the image come to life before their very eyes.

Okse has many skills when it comes to the creation of art, he is currently awaiting the release of his first iPad Game "Feed Momo" Okse created the main character and all the art within the game.

He has also been working with "Gzero" working on apps "TvCatchup" and "Vocal, Voice reminders made easy"

Through #SBS Okse wishes to collaborate with as many businesses as possible.

My Business Tips

As a creative person I have found having a Facebook page really useful, it allows me to interact with potential clients. I've found that people don't just buy into my art, they buy into me as a person as well. having a Facebook page really lets personalities shine.

if you would like to see my facebook page please pop here

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