My Buzz

#SBS (won only an hour ago) is already creating an unprecedented opportunity for business networking through Twitter! I cannot wait to see what the next weeks and months will bring! :)
Twenty four hours on and I'm still dealing with all the fabulous messages of support and interest in our fudge - almost 200 new followers (and counting) and the hits on the website in 4 hours last night were a fivefold increase on our busiest day! Now that is what I call a positive impact! :)

My Bio

The Wee Fudge Company is an artisan producer of fine handcrafted fudge. All of our fudge is handmade to customer requirements in small one kilo batches and flavoured with natural ingredients. We use no artificial colourings or flavourings and the only preservatives in our fudge are those naturally occurring in the ingredients used. We pride ourselves in producing only the finest fudge and develop seasonal flavours using fresh produce. Our new flavour for summer 2012 is fresh raspberry and Belgian white chocolate.

My Business Tips

Be clear in your mission and your market, focus on your customers and don't compromise on your product, your standards or your values.

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