My Buzz

The Woolf's Kitchen make spicy sauces inspired by my Thai roots. I launched in lockdown with three kids (then aged 3, 4 & 5) and no childcare. In the first three months we sold 1800 bottles into 30 + stockists, and been featured in The Times. Metro and Stylist Magazines 'Style List'. The next product range is already in development.

My Bio

Being half Thai, I love a spicy condiment. I’ll never forget the unlabelled jars of sweet, spicy, fresh sauces my auntie would whip up and pour on just about everything. So simple. So ridiculously good.

I knew I couldn’t keep such deliciousness to myself, so decided to throw myself in at the deep end and create my own range: Tamarind Ketchup, Hot + Sour and Jalapeño & Lime.

Not only have I been influenced by my Thai heritage, but I’ve also brought in big flavours from other cultures too, inspired by my travels to places like Mexico and a childhood in the Middle East. I wanted to make something for all the flavour hunters of the world, like me, who insist that every meal be an adventure.

My Business Tips

*Research - know your market inside and out - become an expert.

*Network - in the absence of face to face events, go online. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are great places to start

*Entrepreneurial spirit - tenacity and perseverance are key. Have clear goals.

*Start before you're ready!

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