My Buzz

We are a small business trying to achieve big things!

We want to raise awareness, promote inclusivity and spread the joy of British Sign Language with everyone. We work together with customers to create their perfect product and never create the final item until they are 100% satisfied. Both of us have a Level 2 qualification in BSL so we can offer customers the chance to place an order with us via video call/message which can sometimes be easier than written messages as the BSL linguistics are different from English.

My Bio

In 2017, we enrolled on a British Sign Language (BSL) level 1 course at our local college and our friendship blossomed over our love of crafting as well as Sign Language. We then continued on to study BSL level 2 but Covid halted our level 3 studies. In 2019 a fellow student invited us to her wedding and we hunted for a gift that incorporated BSL but couldn’t find anything with a personal touch so we decided to create our own. This gift received so many compliments so the seeds of the business were planted and we opened our Etsy store in September 2019 and we were honoured to be chosen by Theo Paphitis as one of his #SBS winners in March 2020. Things have just taken off from there with over 200 bespoke orders lovingly made and sent out, even as far afield as Australia! As well as Etsy you can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We put a lot of care into creating British Sign Language Scrabble tile frames and gifts for any occasion. These can be personalised, and we take the time to work together with all our clients to create their vision.