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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
A brilliant way to connect with other businesses; all with innovative ideas, and of course to have the recognition of our business from one of the country's best business minds!

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Tidy Books’ story began in 2004 with the original award winning Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase, designed by a mum, and company founder Geraldine Grandidier for her daughter in her violin workshop. She wanted a bookcase that was easy for her child to use independently, was practical, was compact and stylish and encouraged a love of books. Since then other designs have joined the family; all original concepts designed to encourage independence in children, look great in the home and finished in an eco friendly water lacquer.

My Business Tips

If you’ve got a good business idea, then go for it! Take your time to get things the way you want them; because everyone has a unique path. Give yourself the chance to learn and develop your business too. Get advice and mentoring, but don’t’ feel the need to take traditional business route: It’s your business, and your creation!

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