My Buzz

We love trains and building giant train tracks but most of all we love seeing the most excited faces run into the room. We try our best to be inclusive and welcome all train fans to play. It is lovely to see parents, grandparents, aunts and siblings all playing together on the floor.

We support other local businesses and have them along to our events to showcase what is around in the local area too.

My Bio

I am a mum to 3 boys in 3 years and going back to work as a teacher just didn't make financial sense. Our eldest son, Jasper, was train obsessed and didn't enjoy the more traditional toddler group.

I came up with the idea of Trainmaster after getting fed up with Jasper's train tracks being destroyed by his brother Henry. I planned a big range of activities with the hope of keeping them both engaged and busy.

I planned the first event and started this crazy journey in Feb 2018. In that time I quickly realised me and me alone wasn't enough and in Sept 2019 i began building my team to go Nationwide.

My Business Tips

Believe in yourself.
Be kind.
Be honest.

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