My Bio

Hello and a great big thank you for visiting my page!

Being creative has always been important to me. I've doodled, drawn, painted, stitched and crafted for as long as I can remember.

Recently I seem to have come full-circle and rediscovered painting, but being a bit of a gadget freak I’m painting in a 21st Century style. Digital art! I still use a very similar technique to way back when I used acrylics, but now I’m using a very clever stylus on a screen. I even use “acrylic paint” but I don't make nearly as much mess!

My little studio is at my home in East Sussex, nestled right near the rolling hills of the South Downs. My surroundings influence my work, and you'll often see some of our beautiful British birds and animals making appearances in my work.

My favourite thing to do though ... pet portraits. I love capturing your pet’s character in a painting that you can treasure forever.

Of course, I haven’t completely abandoned my textile art. My beautiful sewing machines are still here in my studio. These textile pieces will be added as and when the inspiration grabs me!

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