My Buzz

We were on holiday at the time of our #sbs win and having religiously and methodically attempted to get a retweet from Theo for months, we only just remembered to enter that week but it's a good job we did as we were amazed when our inbox and mention boxes were flooded with congratulatory messages from all our Twitter friends, old and new! We've not looked back since and we can definitly say that was the turning point for us!

My Bio

A newly decorated dining room with a blank wall crying out for something individual yet complementy was the inspiration for the first Utterprints creation. With my husband's graphic design degree and my creative streak we came up with an idea. This idea is now not only hung on our wall, recieving many flattering and postive reviews from friends and family but is also exhibited for all to see on our very own website.
There is nothing sweeter and more satisfying than producing a piece of delightful, unique art work for others to enjoy.

We see Utterprints as not only a creative avenue for all those years of inspiration but also a chance for our customers to express something they love in an utterly individual and beautiful way.

We now create bespoke & fully personalised canvases to any given choice of words, colour, style, the size...then we design & handcraft an utterly delightful piece of art. We also sell a selection of our most poular canvases which can be found on website.

My Business Tips

I started typing Social media without even thinking but I guess that's probably quite obvious now. So the biggest other factor that's helped us is WORD OF MOUTH! We have been lucky to have received not only repeat orders from existing clients but from their friends and family that were given a canvas as a gift!

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