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Viking a family Company helping the world solve their sticky problems by offering over 40 years experience at sticking, abrading, wrapping and protecting surfaces in any application imaginable. Viking are proud to offer free advice via the telephone - 01535 610373 - and have a comprehensive transactional web site . For up to date offers and news follow us on Twitter @Viking_Ind or give us a ring and talk to our dedicated Customer Care Team who'll offer friends and efficient advice.
Viking are very proud to have been selected for Small Business Sunday and look forward to being part of the Small Business Sunday family.

My Bio

Viking started in the pub, well don't all the best ideas!!
As a family we recognised that there was a gap in the Yorkshire market for the supply in Adhesive Tapes, Abrasives, Adhesives, Packaging Materials and Safety and Workwear. With over 26 years of existing experience in this Industry we decided to join family forces and set up Viking. We have been solving stick problems for the past 26 years, have built an Industry gold standard transactional web site, as we appreciate Customers want to deal with us in different ways, and we employ 19 people all championed with providing the best Customer experience possible. We have been recognised by Industry leading manufacturers such as 3M, Velcro, Scapa, Tesa, Moldex and VSM who trust us to distribute their products and dispense advice on their products. We are also proud to be running a successful apprenticeship scheme for over 3 years.

My Business Tips

1. Establish why you do what you do and build how and what from that. The why should be your core and give you the passion and energy to produce the how and what.
2. Don't stand still, keep abreast of the competition and take a keen interest in what they are doing. Try and stay ahead of them and lead rather than follow.
3. Don't be a one trick pony, if you can add value by adding to your product range do so - as long as it has a fit with your core range it can be a valuable addition. Try and think 'One Stop Shop' to offer your Customers as wide a service/offering as possible.

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