My Buzz

WagIt is the first booking platform for dog-friendly venues and services. WagIt helps dog owners find & book groomers, restaurants, pubs and more! We aim to make life for dog owners (and as a result, their dog!) enriched, simple, and stress-free.

If dogs could book, they'd use WagIt!

My Bio

I worked in online reservations for over 20 years (I was OpenTable's first salesperson in Europe) and always knew the benefits of online bookings. When Lola came into my life I quickly realised how tricky it was to book places and services for dog owners.
Many websites tell you somewhere is dog-friendly but you don't really know how "friendly" they are...and we've often been told we have to sit outside by venues that claim to welcome dogs.
So we created WagIt...Lola was the brains, I just typed out the idea!

My Business Tips

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