My Buzz

Within only 5 days, We have networked now with over 12 Up and coming Uk Grown SME's. Gaining are are Twitter Brand ambassador for Wags!

Twitter is proving to be a integral and viral marketing resource, not only for networking and resourcing, but the ongoing success of WAGS.PRO

My Bio

Wags was born not from a desire for grander, but purely from a necessity to just survive.

On looking at all the High-end luxury brands In-Store and Online: -
Troll Beads – Chemilia – Lovelinks – White Ice – Pilgrim - Luce Mundi , just to name a few, also with a Pandora Account just approved with Furniture and stock awaiting dispatch.

You would be excused to think you were dealing with a department store on par with Jhon Lewis, or Selfridges, but in reality Wags is a Boutique no bigger than 5mts square, In a not dissimilar small village found any where within the Uk.

Flying the Flag for UK SME's

My Business Tips

Honesty and integrity.

Support and advise others if possible.

Value your last customer as it was your first.

MOST IMPORTANT BE #Wagalicious , Look FAB, Wear BLING. "It's a Girl Thing..!" and don't forget SMILE!

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