My Buzz

We make refillable candles using only the cleanest, plant-based ingredients. We use coconut and rapeseed wax with non-toxic, paraben-free luxury fragrances.

Our Candle Refills are a quick, easy way to reuse candle jars. We want to make candles personal so that's why you get to choose the colour of your candle jar and the scent!


My Bio

My name is Alisa and i'm one of the co-founders at Waxwing Candles!

Me and my mum launched Waxwing Candles when I was 16, we have always enjoyed having candles in our home not only for the purpose of the scent but also as décor. However, we found that still some glasses make it to landfill, not to mention amount of materials used to produce each glass. Therefore, we decided to seek a sustainable solution where you didn’t have to throw away the glass each time and thus Waxwing Candles was born.