My Buzz

#SBS has been great for us-it's given us real business credibility and helped us to really go on a big marketing push. It's helped us say "Look at us, we're here, and what we do is great!" The increased awareness of us a business is being translated into new customers, suppliers and contacts. It's great!

My Bio

Wayside Organics is a smallholding in West Sussex growing and supplying Organic Vegetables, Fruit and Salads through a home delivery box scheme and wholesale all along the South Coast. Our vegetable boxes are great value for money and quality and our wholesale service is friendly and efficient. We are committed to guarding the environment for the future by farming in an eco friendly way.

My Business Tips

1. Take responsibility-it's your business! Don't just sit there, work hard and it'll work!
2. If things go wrong, sort them out efficiently and promptly. If things go right, don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back.
3. Learn to work on your business weaknesses and improve them if you can. If it's marketing, make yourself go out and meet potential customers, if it's supply problems, try to negotiate a better deal etc..
4. Find good staff (easier said than done sometimes!) and, when you do, cherish them. They want you to succeed too!
5. Try to look at the bigger picture, one bad day does not a bad business or entrepreneur make!

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