My Buzz

Wow it was a great honor to win #SBS, the moment we won our twitter account went crazy it was lovely to receive so many welcomes, it was like joining and new family

My Bio

Wessex Timber windows Ltd manufacture and installers of quality timber windows and doors, we are a local family business but cover a wide area and have a great work force to help with the work load. We can also match existing windows which is ideal for property's that are listed or in a conservation area. Wessex Timber Windows - "Good With Wood"

My Business Tips

Honesty is the best policy, every company makes mistakes we are only human if you make, sell, do something that is wrong just hold you hands up, say sorry and put it right. The customer will always respect that and is less costly then bluffing your way out of it.

Be open to new ideas and if you cant change you cant move forward