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We are very new winners but our website is receiving unbelievable traffic and our twitter feed has gone crazy. Thanks Theo you have made our year!

My Bio

We will never be able to thank Theo for the #SBS enough and only our second week of trying he has inspired us to continue on our journey no matter what the weather is and that is playing a big part in our lives at the moment.
We are the 4th generation to live & farm in this beautiful remote part of Herefordshire,where England joins Wales. After the farm was hit by Foot & Mouth Disease in 2001,we lost everything so re-stocked the animals straight away and diversified with our own on farm fully licensed Unique Farm Restaurant which opened in 2006. Community support plays a big part of our lives both in and outside work and we could not survive without it. Thank you.

My Business Tips

Believe in your self and your ideas.
Have high standards and always offer friendly customer service.
Dreams take time but do happen.

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