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#SBS was a lovely boost to Wiggly Wigglers and as helped us become part of a community of Small Business Tweeters for mutual benefit. Cheers Theo.

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Heather founded Wiggly Wigglers on her kitchen table in 1990 producing one of the UK’s first ever worm composting kits. Now the company employs 14 people, with a product range of 1000 good things for your natural garden and greener home. Think composters, bird seed, feeders, wildflower plants, British Cut Flowers and Bouquets direct from our farm in Blakemere - part of the Duchy Estate.

Farmer Phil runs the farm and grows and makes many of the products and over half the range is sourced within the County of Herefordshire.

Most sales are online and Wiggly Wigglers embraced the internet early on. It produced one of the World’s first gardening and farming podcast and it is now very active on facebook and Twitter. Heather became a Nuffield Scholar in 2007. She studied The Development of the Web and Social Media. She has also completed The Institute of Agricultural Management Leadership course.

The company was the UK’s Small Business Champion of 2005 and in 2008 won it’s first ever global award - the Dell Small Business Excellence and was a finalist in the Observer Ethical Awards 2011.

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I like the Winston Churchill quote and it serves me well...
"Success is going from failure to failure without losing Enthusiasm" :0)

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