My Buzz

Since we were retweeted yesterday we've seen massive buzz on Twitter with so many congratulatory messages from previous winners. We also saw a 400% increase in web traffic yesterday and we're really excited about what this recognition is going to bring!

My Bio

Wild Stripes was founded in 2010 after a soggy 6500km road trip around New Zealand, where fun striped polypropylene thermal base layers are ubiquitous and popular. Wild Stripes® Base Layers are putting the fun into thermals!

I have always had a passion for travel, adventure and, erm, stripes... I first discovered striped polyprops whilst being dressed for a kayaking trip on Milford Sound in New Zealand’s Fiordland and immediately thought, ‘How cool! I really need some of these!’. I did some research and found that you couldn't get anything similar in the UK, and all the proper 'technical' base layers were so drab and boring with a choice of black ...or black. So an idea was had!

My background is pretty varied, though for the past 8 years I've been a Healthcare IT Consultant and I love that this business gives me opportunity to use all of my skills, and be creative.

My Business Tips

1) When the going gets tough, remember ...if it was that easy everyone would be doing it!
2) We believe social media and the internet have levelled the playing field somewhat. Don't be afraid to break the rules (if you even know them!)
3) With 2) in mind: Be Real. Be Nice. Always.
4) Have fun and at least then if 'success' doesn't come you can look back and giggle :o)

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