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#SBS gave Women's Soccer United a valuable increase in exposure on-line. We have connected with other #SBS winners and had the chance to meet Theo Paphitis. The information that was gained at the brilliant SBS meeting has helped us to set our goals and plans for the future development of Women's Soccer United.

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I started playing football from the age of 7 until I was 16, during this time I experienced a lot of difficulties and frustration about the lack of support, information and recognition there was surrounding the female game. After studying/training to be a web designer I put my two passions together to launch the first fully dedicated worldwide women's football website. We are breaking down the boundaries that surround women and girl's football! We provide coverage on tournaments and leagues around the World and host high profile player interviews and blogs. By uniting the players, clubs and fans we are able to share knowledge together building a large valuable source of information and media. We are successfully bringing the women’s football world together providing a platform to help reduce differences in football standards around the World. We fight for recognition and equality and are committed to inspiring and creating opportunities for females to get actively involved in the women’s game.

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A dream is only a dream but with passion, dedication and belief you can make your dream become reality.

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