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We're very proud that Theo Paphitis selected us as an #SBS Winner, it's fantastic recognition for us and great to be part of the #SBS community. We're a small team and put all we have into what we do at woodbuds to make a difference, so this support is massive.

Over the past day or so since winning our Twitter feed has gone pretty crazy, but we like crazy and we really like winning. We're pretty excited to see what this week brings.

Thanks Theo.

My Bio

Founded by friends Chris and Simon, Woodbuds is now a small passionate team brought together to do things the right way.

We create small, simple, sustainable hardwood noise-isloating earphones. Naturally hand crafted, each set unique and designed to make a difference, one sale at a time.

We care about what we do and why we do it, it's what makes us different. We're a family, a collective - thats why we plant a tree for every 100 products we sell and donate 1% of evey sale to a network of enviromental organisations worldwide.

Our woodbuds earphones are available in six bold colours, our distinctive design combines superior sound quality, and premium comfort.

My Business Tips

You have to believe in why you do what you do.

It's not just what you do and the products you make that's important, but why you do it that makes the difference, make sure people believe in what you believe.

We've always worked to invest time and budget in photography and creative, you only get one chance to make a first impression and most of all enjoy the journey.

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