My Buzz

I was absolutely thrilled to become an #SBS winner on the 25th June 2018. Despite the fact that I had obviously entered, it was still a total shock and I'm still over the moon about it! My business is still very much at the beginning of it's journey and after rebranding at the beginning of this year I'm looking forward to working on plans and growing it.

My Bio

Woof & Wilson is an online homeware & lifestyle shop. We stock a carefully selected range of homeware alongside my own collection of designs.
My little business grew from my love of being creative, my obsession with homeware and my passion for nature and the countryside. It was also born out of a necessity to have a job which I could work around my serious health problems. I was born with a complex congenital heart defect which I've been having treatment for throughout my life (I ended up in hospital for a heart procedure the day after becoming an SBS winner). My original career in childcare was becoming more and more difficult as my health deteriorated and my symptoms increased. I left that career behind to focus on my health and surgery I was going through. It became clear as I searched for a new job, that it was going to be almost impossible to find something which was flexible enough and suitable for someone with my condition/disability. Determined to be able to continue working I decided to create my own job, where I could work from home and fit in with my health needs. With no business experience I don't mind admitting I fumbled my way to where I am now. I'm still have much to learn but there is no lack of determination.

Wanting to focus more on my own designs, I rebranded in early 2018 and haven't looked back since. I'm working on a homeware & lifestyle collection using my own designs, inspired by my love of nature. I'm excited about my plans for the business and I'm always so grateful for the support I receive from customers as well as family and friends, it means so much. Thank you.

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