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As we do so much in-house we are uniquely placed to offer a bespoke service to meet a wide range of requirements. If you want to put your logo on our bin, we can do that, if you want a bench in a specific colour, we can do that or if you want us to design a new feature for a recycling unit, we can do that. Our motto is, if you don’t ask you don’t get. Why don’t you challenge us!

Our tailor-made service has a direct impact on cost with customers able to make savings because they’re dealing direct. It also means the company can oversee and guarantee the quality of everything before it leaves the factory, ensuring client satisfaction.

As a manufacturer the business is always looking for new and inventive methods to reduce its impact on the environment. Using the latest and most efficient equipment means products not only stand the test of time but also benefit from having a small carbon footprint.

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Wybone is a family run business that was established by Mr. Charles E Wyatt in 1969. These days his son Richard is Managing Director but the principles with which the company was founded still stand strong today.

Wybone designs and manufactures street furniture including litter bins, recycling bins, grit bins and clinical waste bins. In a climate where UK manufacturing has seen a rapid decline, we’re proud to say we make 97% of all our products.

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