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Yanii Akeliah is a British interiors, fashion and lifestyle brand, creating printed textile products with a distinctive personality. Founded by Yanique Moodie, who is a keen colourist and has an eye for finding beauty in her surroundings.

At Yanii Akeliah our homeware range is designed to add vibrancy and give any living space a contemporary feel. Transcendent is our debut collection that has a range of photographic printed cushions, lampshades and fine art prints.

Most recently we have added a Womenswear collection to our product catalogue. This range combines our signature printed design style with minimal feminine silhouettes.

Yanii Akeliah designs have been highly commended by Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux- ‘I love the interpretation of nature through technology and can see these designs and colours working on a range of home interiors products. Beautiful work. One to watch.’

My Bio

I consider myself to be a creative being who is constantly searching for new ways to express myself and share my designs with the world. Within my professional and personal career I am always keen to learn from every experience. I believe having good relationships with people in your life, that is why one of my favourite things to do on the weekend is enjoy a nice roast dinner with my family.

As a designer maker I do not limit myself to the kinds of products I want to make as there is so much to learn with every new product development experience.
My design aesthetic is influenced by my childhood in Jamaica, I have so many colourful memories from this time. Memories such as hummingbirds flying around my grandma’s garden and finding marine treasures on the lush beaches, all inspire me to work confidently with bright colours to create bold floral designs.

Primarily for my business my focus is to create an Interiors, Fashion and Lifestyle brand that is available globally in department stores.

My Business Tips

- You can have everything just not all at once
- Be kind to everyone you meet
- Patience is the key to success

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