My Buzz

Winning an #sbs has been great. It gives a sense of confidence that all the hard work invested in the business to date has been put to good use. It opens up a window to a new business community that is not only supportive but informative and growing all the time.

My Bio

Rachel + Andrea are both directors of Zebra Ceramics. Between us we have 5 children and a wealth of expereince in large & small scale architecture with a mix of radiography and strategic management consultancy thrown in. This gave the business a vision and a depth of quality right from the start. We have intentionally designed a brand that appeals to young and old and our values stand for quality, fun and making memories. We have developed what we believe are the best babyprints around and our reputation for these are growing with customers travelling a long way to hvae them done. We specialise in clay, silver and ceramic - all with a unique and personal touch. We plan on expanding the brand to new venues across the UK.

My Business Tips

Find a partner with complimentary skills

Create a brand from the start with a good story to tell

The small stuff matters!

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