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#sbs has created an immediate increase in follower numbers on Twitter. We are currently working on improving our social media visibility, so #sbs is a great start to this. We hope to be able to enhance our business by connecting with other #sbs winners.

My Bio

Zoom Display was formed in 2001. We specialise in the production of portable display stands for indoor and outdoor events. Our display stands are designed to be set up quickly and are easy to transport. The overall aim of our marketing displays is to improve and enhance visibility of our customers brand and products, at their exhibitions and promotional events. We have invested heavily in printing equipment, which allows to produce most printed graphic panels in-house. This gives us full control over quality and timescales, to ensure that we exceed our customers' expectations on every job. We work with a very wide range of organisations from small start up companies right through to some of the world's biggest brands. We are proud to have worked with many high profile companies for many years. The companies include X Factor, Siemens, Schroders, The British Red Cross, The Royal Legion and Bayer CropScience, to name just a few.

My Business Tips

To value every order regardless of size, as every small order can lead to gaining a regular customer.
To ensure that every job that goes out of the door is of the same high quality.
To remember that every customer is a person and not a number that is entered on a spreadsheet / database every month.
Making that extra effort, however big or small turns a one off order into a long term valued customer.
To value staff and listen to their opinions and suggestions.

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