10 Stocking Fillers under £10

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With less than 2 weeks to go until Christmas, it’s time to find those last-minute stocking fillers. To save you searching, agents have come up with our top 10 shaving stocking fillers for under £10 to put a smile on any traditional shavers face!

1. Wickham Soap Co Aftershave Balms £9.50

Wickham Soap Co 1912 Shamrock Tweed Aftershave Balm | Agent Shave

The Wickham 1912 range of aftershave balms are specifically formulated to match and compliment the premium range of 1912 shavings soaps. ✓ Parabens-free ✓ Lanolin-free ✓ Sodium Lauryl Sulphate-free (SLS) ✓ Vegan friendly ✓ Suitable for sensitive skin ✓ NOT tested on animals. 

Currently available in Scottish HeatherFrankincenseShamrock TweedCashmereClassic 24Club ColaIrish Fern Parma Violet.

2.Shaving Brush Drip Stands £4

Edwin Jagger Ebony Shaving Brush Drip Stand | Agent Shave

These plastic shaving brush drip stands are a handy, simple and inexpensive way to hang your brush allowing the hair to dry thoroughly. They have an adhesive pad fitted so you can fix it easily to a vertical surface or it can be left free standing.

The colours available are ebonyivorytortoiseshell or clear.

3.Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, from £8.45

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream | Agent Shave

The Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream is one of a discerning shavers 'go to' products. The creams are manufactured using only pure and natural ingredients. Taylor is a family run business with over 150 years of providing top quality products. You will be amazed how well the shaving cream moisturises your face. Available in number of elite fragrances. Simply dip a lightly moistened shaving brush into the cream and gently lather onto the face – you may never use another shaving cream once you have tried these!

4. Floid Aftershave £9.25

Floid Aftershave | Agent Shave

Since 1932 Floid has been producing its genuine aftershave splash. Its exclusive menthol formula calms any irritation caused by shaving, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness. Available in 3 scents; Suave, recommended for sensitive skin, Vigoroso, recommended for ‘resistant/tough’ skins & Black with a fresh and trendy image for those seeking an aftershave lotion with a more modern and masculine fragrance. The scent is initially quite sweet but then combines with citrus to produce a truly unique scent.

5. Vulfix Shaving Brushes, from £5.99

Vulfix Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

The Vulfix pure Bristle collection of shaving brushes is manufactured from hair taken from Hogs and is favoured by wet shavers who prefer a stiffer feel to their brush. The bristle comes in a variety of textures from the very still grey, through to brown and the slightly softer bleached white. Order with a brush stand to make a perfect gift still under £10!

6. Edwin Jagger Travel Shaving Soap £8

Edwin Jagger Travel Shaving Soap Limes & Pomegranate | Agent Shave

This range of shaving soaps is pure class and has been designed with the user in mind. Edwin Jagger soap provides a thick lather, with minimal effort and leaves the skin feeling soothed and refreshed. Available in 3 scents; Cooling MentholLimes & Pomegranate & Sandalwood.

7.Shaving Brush Travel Tube, from £4.95

Shaving Brush Travel Tube | Agent Shave

Perfect for short breaks or business travel, these travel tubes are ideal for storing your shaving brush while on the go. Just pop in your brush & screw on the lid! Available in 2 sizes, small or large.

8.Pre-Shave Oil, from £9.25

Simpsons Pre-Shave Oil | Agent Shave

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Using a pre-shave oil provides a high degree of protection from the razor, which is especially important if you have sensitive skin. There are two pre-shave oil’s available for under £10; Simpsons at £9.95 & Floid at £9.25.

9. Sweyn Forkbeard Beard Oil £7

Sweyn Forkbeard Beard Oil & Gift Sets | Agent Shave

Need something for the bearded man? Fear not agents! We have an excellend range of beard oils from UK artisan Sweyn Forkbeard at £7 each. Six scents available; English CountrysideSpring in SevilleBritish GentlemanNotting Hill WalkViking Ice Storm & Fighter

10. OSP Shaving Cream £9

Obsessive Soap Perfectionist (OSP) Shaving Cream | Agent Shave

The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist (OSP) use 100% natural ingredients which are as raw, organic and unrefined as possible with absolutely NO chemicals. James, the founder of OSP was unhappy with the quality of the offerings available on the market and so as a hobby started making shaving soap and creams. Available in a range of scents, a perfect final addition to any stocking this Christmas!

Finally, our gift to you this Christmas is FREE UK DELIVERY on all orders throughout December. Happy Christmas agents!


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