10 year ‘business birthday’.

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Chiggs celebrated 10 years in business in December 2015!

I had the idea for the Baby Feed Wheel when visiting friends who had a newborn baby way back in October 2005. They were having difficulty remembering when their little boy had last had a feed… he was crying and they didn't know if he would be hungry. It was a problem I remembered from having my own baby a couple of years earlier, and I suddenly had the idea to use the time dial of a parking disc to make a note of baby's feed times. On the way home I realised that this was a great idea – something I would have used when I was a new mum – and decided to take the idea further.

Over the next couple of months I did lots of research, finalised the design, applied to the patent office for a design patent, found a lovely family run printing firm to print my cards, and in December 2005 I took delivery of the first print run of Baby Feed Wheels. 

Of course, that was just the beginning of the hard work! I'm so proud that Chiggs has remained in business for 10 years, supplying many, many shops and websites with my baby products and greeting cards.



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