Get Ready for a Romantic Valentine’s Day!

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been feeling a little loved up at Hartleys HQ. Romance shouldn’t be reserved for one day of the year, but February 14th is the perfect time to woo your partner and make them feel special. However, don’t wait until the restaurant to turn on the charm offensive; we’ve got some tips to help you set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day, without leaving the house.

A spring clean

When you’ve been together a long time, it’s the little things that get you in the good books of your dearly beloved. So instead of grand, expensive gestures (although they won’t go amiss either), spend some time making the house look immaculate for your loved one’s arrival. Tidy up that clutter, fix the light you’ve been meaning to fix for months, or go all out with a surprise bedroom makeover.

Make love blossom

A clean house is a blank canvas for those small personal touches that will show how much you care. Petals on the bed, candles around the bath, bubbles chilling in the fridge or chocolates on the pillow are all romantic tokens that are bound to go down well with your partner.

As February the 14th falls on a Sunday this year, why not use the opportunity to make breakfast in bed, a celebratory meal or their favourite baked treats? With the whole weekend to prepare, you can ensure that your romantic gestures don’t involve a last-minute dash to the shops.

Dim the lights

Once you’ve set the scene for a romantic Valentine’s Day, create an ambience by turning down the lights for your relaxing bath or special meal. Dim lighting will give your skin a soft glow, to ensure that you look your best this Sunday. If you don’t have dimmer switches in your rooms, swap the main lights for candles and lamps to set the mood for a memorable evening.

The soundtrack to love

Which songs take you on a walk down memory lane: the moment you met, the soundtrack of your first summer, or that first dance at your wedding? Create a playlist that will instantly transport you back to those milestones in your relationship, to enjoy an evening reminiscing together. Playing softly in the background as you pop open the champagne or tuck into dinner, you’ll find it hard to keep the smiles off your faces.

Keep the home fires burning in your relationship and make Valentine’s Day 2016 one to remember, by transforming your humble abode into a castle worthy of a romantic weekend.

Is your lounge, hallway or bedroom looking a little unloved? It may be time to give your home a makeover. Hartleys Rooms is passionate about creating beautiful rooms; we’ll help you design a space that you’ll both love coming home to. To have a chat with our team, give us a call on 01756 700471, or email

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