15,000 followers and still going strong!

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Hard to belive that it's been over 4 years since the business won #SBS and how far it's come!

Way back in October 2011 when we first won, the main account @AquaDesignGroup had 1,200 followers which was pretty healthy, post retweet from Theo Paphitis we got an additional 400 over the following week. Was more concerned about chatting to fellow winners and generally networking and completely forgot about the press release side of things for a few weeks. That was far from detremental though, it's social media and let's face it, it's good to talk.

In 2012 during the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the business decided to launch it's own competition on Twitter as we had by this point a very respectable follow number and decided to share the Twitter love with #QueenOf days for women in business throughout the Jubilee. This proved so successful that not only did the competition continue, the lovable Andy Quinn @ADG_IQ was born (his story is also on a previous #SBS blog) and #KingOf day for men in business was introduced. This additonal account is a promo driving force for the business talking about work aswell as running the #QueenOf and #KingOf day competions weekly on Twitter and whayever competitions the business feels like doing and with a following of over 8,000 it's a pretty productive account at that.

The business was running a lunch networking group based in Stockport but due to turnout was decided to stop it but as we had the account on Twitter @BizLunchNetwork was turning into the personal account @ADG_Moore and due to the netowkring of that account it's now over 4,000 followers.

Goes to prove that if you network on social media, the rewards to the business may not be straight away but they have a good accumilation with the business now having over 28,000 followers over the three accounts.

The business is also using the follower numbers with #PromoteStockport Business of the Week, to highlight and promote a Stockport business each week.

Yes, there have been and still are issues within #SBS and have had some very unpleasant experiences by being targeted by around 20-50 of my fellow winners along with a variety of other incidents in and out of the Facebook group, but I refuse to be a victim due to the behaviour of others.


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