Simple swaps for a cozier home

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Well those winter nights have been drawing in for a while, but only when it hits December do many of us realise that our home lacks the warmth and calm that we desire. Especially in the run-up to Christmas it is important to be able to create the right atmosphere in your home so that a) you can enjoy everything the festive season has to offer and b) that after the turkey, crackers and family are gone, you aren't left with a cold, empty shell. We have ensured that your house will be turned into a home this winter by coming up with six oh-so effective tips that are so simple, low-cost and yet have such a huge impact. We hope you enjoy.


  • Snuggle up. Drape a plush blanket or thick woollen throw over the arm of a sofa or the end of the bed to add texture and soften a room. Not only does this accessorise sofas, bed and chairs but it also for more practical reasons it means that you can instantaneously create the perfect conditions for watching a film on the sofa by snuggling under your blanket. What's more, they can be used to inject warmth and colour into your room. Why not place them in a large windowsill to add a snug where you can curl up with your favourite book or look out on your garden. This is such a simple solution but is one that makes a room feel luxurious.


  • Add a warm glow. Replace any cool, white lights with warm yellow bulbs. The best way to add a warm glow is through our good old friend, the fairy light which are available from any home-ware store. Hang these over a fireplace, mirror or doorframe or cluster them in a glass bowl, vase or jar. Adding yellow light instantly makes a room feel cosy and bathes it in a soft light that will mean it's unlikely you'll ever want to brave the outdoors! Alternatively, place them in jam jars or tea lights to ensure that they are safely out the way. Perfect for relaxing in the bath! 


  • Cosy Feet. Rooms with wooden or tiled floors can often feel cold and stark and especially in winter there is nothing worse than having to reach for a pair of slippers every time you wake up to combat the chill. So why not add a large rug to make the room more intimate whilst maintaining the beauty of your feature floors. Not only do they add style and break up a block of space on the floor, they also add colour. And let's be honest, there is nothing like stepping out of bed onto a decadently soft pile, oh we do love winter treats!


  • Spot the Signs. Hanging homely signs are an excellent way to add personality and fun into a room and really bring it to life. These can be related to the rooms they are in, try hanging an Eat sign in your kitchen, or Dream sign in your bedroom, and utilise creative typography to soften stark walls. You can even make them yourself if you’re feeling creative, using wood and a sharpie, or paint for a more personal touch. Why not get your kids involved too, ask them what sign they would like for their bedroom or playroom and make it a whole family affair by decorating it on a weekend. 


  • Bring nature inside with beautiful vases filled with real or faux flowers. Nothing quite brightens a room like a vibrant bunch of flowers on the table. Green non-flowering plants are great because they consistently add colour, what's more they give a feeling of freshness and light. Why not try a terrarium hanging from the ceiling? Or if you don’t have a plant pot to hand, use a teacup instead. These work particularity well with herbs such as basil, and are a style point in their own right. 

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