3 Amazing UK Homes

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From quaint and quirky period properties to glassy, geometric innovation, Britain is full of astounding architecture. Architects and designers can seamlessly blend old and new, transforming period properties into something unique and extraordinary.

Whether owning an amazing property is a distant dream or a lucky reality, beautiful British buildings can inspire your own home. Let’s get some ideas from these gorgeous properties:

A Modern Masterpiece

Niall McLaughlin’s award-winning Jacob’s Ladder is a beautiful modern home with astounding views of the Chilterns. Grand Design’s presenter Kevin McCloud describes it as the only house in the country ‘…that takes my breath away.’

A delicate blend of wood and glass, this four-bedroom house has an indoor pool with glass walls and a huge oval skylight. Black tiles reflect the light and trees, and the pool’s colour changes with the light. The double-height living room has glass walls and small cubbyholes to sit in. So much glass makes the building unique and connected to its environment.

For a Jacob’s Ladder look, try maximising light in your property. White walls and light-coloured blinds can fill the room with light. Add simple and bold pieces of furniture in light woods, such as beech or oak, or in richer shades like maple. Add plants and ferns for a natural look, and create cosy areas in large rooms to make it feel like home.

Tasteful Tradition

This wonderful Georgian home in London exemplifies tasteful tradition with a touch of modernity. Built in 1725, the house was beautifully restored in 2004.

The original floors have been retained and the fireplaces have been copied or reclaimed. The house is lightly furnished with period and modern pieces; dark woods and ornate details are juxtaposed with a light and modern kitchen.

To achieve this look, be bold. Try restoring period features and blending old and new; bespoke furniture lets you choose your own designs. Dark wood panelling and darker pieces of furniture can look great in a light Georgian living room, whilst a bright and contemporary kitchen can add an airy, modern feel.

Inspiring Innovation

House No. 7 by Denizen Works has won numerous awards. The house, on the Island of Tiree, has been transformed from an abandoned crofter’s cottage into a modern family home-cum-guesthouse. Adjoined to agricultural steadings by a glass atrium, it’s perfectly suited to the surroundings.

House No. 7 is characterised by light, fresh interiors with a touch of colour. Chunky modern furniture adds cheekiness, whilst a soft palate makes the rooms bright and airy. A mixture of exposed brickwork, glass, wood and paint brings texture to the property.

For a No. 7 look, go for white walls and strong pieces of furniture in light or warm woods. Add spots of colour by choosing a couple of pieces of furniture in a bold shade, such as grey-blue. White in-built cupboards can add classic elegance, contrasted wonderfully against bright prints.

Whether you’ve been inspired by one of these properties or have another in mind, Hartleys Rooms offer a bespoke service. We’ll work with you to capture the styles or concepts of your favourite interiors. To arrange a free consultation, give us a call on 01756 700471.


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