Stepping out & facing your fears.

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Today here at Tree Hugger & Son Tree Services we have been given the chance to tender for a large 3 year contract. WOW,
yes its amazing news and has took 10 years and many many hours searching, marketing, networking and socialising on social media,
Not to mention the days, months and years of seriously hard work usually swinging 30 to 50 foot up or up to my eyes in squirrel feaces & pigeon feathers, soaked to the skin, swetting ma nads off or shivering with frozen snot hanging from me nose.
YES the joys of being your own boss with this opportunity. But afterall that trying I find myself at a new hurdle. One i’ve not encountered for many many years… One that has been highlighted by my advancing years doing a severley physical job….
Fear! Doubt! & Questions!
Yes for the first time since loosing my father , who was my mentor for years, I dont know whether to go for it or not? Can I do it? Can I figure out a way too complete the contract if successfull.? Can I face my fears of the biggest professional challenge to date?
Can I?
Self employed eyy, I wouldnt have it any other way 🙂 # SBS

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