5 Bright Ideas For Converting Your Basement

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If there’s one thing that the vast majority of homeowners wish they had more of, it’s space! Moving to a larger property isn’t always financially viable and the hassle of moving home is often enough to put us off scouring the housing market for an improved model.

Renovations and extensions are becoming more popular as property owners seek ways to add extra living space to their homes. Garages and lofts are frequently transformed into additional rooms, but did you know that a basement conversion could offer the same amount, or even more, of that longed for extra space if cleverly converted?  What’s more; basement conversions don’t require outdoor space as extensions do. You are simply transforming an existing space and simultaneously adding a new storey to your property!  

Often spacious, but equally often overlooked as anything other than a storage room, a basement can be transformed into a sizeable living space to perform one (or several) functions. In this blog, we’re sharing a few ingenious ideas to inspire your basement renovation and help you identify its new purpose… 

Divide and Conquer 

The joy of having a large basement conversion is that you are often adding a whole new storey to your home, rather than just an additional room.  If you’re fortunate enough to have the basement space and the budget to facilitate a full remodelling, you could add 13% to the value of your home.  This could represent an impressive ROI and with a large conversion, there’s no reason why it should be limited to one purpose.  

Glass wall dividers are perfect for separating one area into zones and will allow light to flow through the space freely – an essential for subterranean rooms.  You could easily achieve an additional bedroom or living area, as well as a home office or gym when using a dividing mechanism. You could consider installing fitted furniture as not only will it provide you with the maximum amount of storage space, but it will keep the area looking streamlined and tidy too.  

Function First 

If your basement space doesn’t have the potential to be a light and airy kitchen diner or a contemporary open plan living space, consider the other priorities you and your family have in terms of room functionality. 

Although still costly, a small conversion won’t add a great deal of value to your home so your focus here should primarily be on the functional benefits.  Perhaps you need a home office now that hybrid working is on the rise. Maybe you have a large family and an additional bathroom or utility / boot room would alleviate some stresses and strains of everyday life. A games room might be a popular idea with teenagers. Even the smallest of spaces can be given a function with some careful thought and expert planning.  

Den of Tranquillity 

With work from home guidelines, school closures and periods of self-isolating, we have spent significantly more time in our homes during the past 18 months than we ever have before. In a busy family home, it can be difficult to find a quiet spot to unwind or enjoy grown up conversations.  

Most of us only have one living room, so converting the basement into a snug would put an end to squabbles over the television and fights for the best spot on the sofa. So, if your living area is taken over by the children, you could create your own adult-only space where you can relax in peace. Creating a cosy environment does not require natural light; mood lighting, such as table lamps, sunset projectors and candles will produce a suitably chilled-out vibe. 

A Dream Kitchen 

Dreaming of a larger kitchen? The kitchen is often the hub of a family home, but when it’s on the smaller side, spending time in it for anything other than essential cooking can be a chore in itself. Period properties tended to be built with very small kitchens, and in cities and urban areas, there may not be enough garden space to facilitate an extension. 

If a generously sized kitchen is your goal, then the lower ground floor could provide you with the perfect space in which to whip up those culinary masterpieces and entertain guests.  If you’re prepared to excavate, you could convert a dreary cellar into a light and airy kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors which open out onto the garden.   Be aware that with any excavating you will likely need planning permission and will need to dig deeper than the standard room height to account for underpinning and structural work.  

A Place for Guests 

A basement conversion is ideal for creating a private extra bedroom and if you have plenty of space to play with, there could be the potential to create a studio flat or small apartment. Multi-purpose furniture, such as a wall-bed, is an excellent space-saver and would add functionality to the space. A bedroom with a small kitchen area would add a significant amount of value to your property, but could also be rented out to provide you with an additional stream of income. With the property ladder being so difficult to reach right now for young adults, it could also serve as temporary accommodation for older children who need their privacy whilst saving for their first deposit.  

Converting any part of your home is generally as the result of needing more space. Fitted furniture is ideal for further optimising that space as it is designed to mould itself around the contours of the room so that every cm is effectively put to use. At Hartleys we’d be delighted to help you design your new conversion and ensure you get the most from your repurposing budget. Contact us on 01756 700471 or via our website at www.hartleysbedrooms.co.uk . We look forward to hearing from you. 

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