5 Essentials Every Home Office Should Have

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The rise of home working is a breath of fresh air for millions of workers across the UK. Perhaps you’ve got kids or pets to look after, you find your co-workers distracting, or you’re a night owl rather than a 9-5 worker. Whatever the reason, more and more of us are choosing to work from home for at least one day a week, which makes creating a productive space a key priority.

If you’re creating or revamping your home office, here are a few essentials that your workspace should have:

A spacious desk

For smaller offices, corner desks are an ideal solution that allow you to maximise available space. Your desk should be just the right height to slot an office chair underneath and position your laptop or PC at eye level. If you’re investing in bespoke office furniture, choose a specialist that understands the importance of getting the desk just right.

Organiser drawers

From spare paper for the printer to pens, paperclips and highlighters, keeping those office basics close to hand is crucial if you want to enhance productivity at home. Drawers are an important feature in any office, so make sure your units have plenty of storage to prevent clutter from accumulating on your desk.

Want to organise your stationery? Choose drawers that have organiser trays, to put an end to hunts around the house for pens.

A filing system

If there’s one thing that should always be kept in order, it’s paperwork. However, many of us feel reluctant to take filing seriously when it means facing our old, overflowing filing cabinets. When creating your home office, start afresh with a filing system that’s easy and pain-free to manage. Integrating your folders into a filing drawer will keep key documents out of sight but within reach.

Accessible shelving

Whether you’re studying for a Masters or you constantly need to refer to guidelines and handbooks, shelving will ensure that your trusty books are close to hand whenever you need a little help or inspiration. Complete with a few framed photos and sentimental items, and your home office will soon start to feel like… well, home.

Bright lighting

You may be opting for a homely look and feel for your office, but draw the line at dim lighting. Creating an ambience may be a priority when fitting out your lounge or bedroom, but this room requires bright lighting that’s appropriate for long days at the desk. If the lighting in your room is lacking, choose a quality desk lamp that has different settings for day and night.

Invest in your office to get the best from your days working at home, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed the daily commute. Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer or an employee with flexible hours, follow these tips to create a space that you’ll love sitting down to on a Monday morning.

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