5 Home-made Bird Feeders

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Feeding the birds to build up their reserves in time for winter

Bird Feeders, winter birds, feeding birds at winter
Photo by Crawley Garden Centre

While browsing Instagram and Pinterest the other day I came across some quick to make, homemade bird feeders and it got me thinking about this winter and how I wanted to be prepared with some bird feeders. But instead of going out to purchase the traditional bird feeder, I thought that it would be great fun to make some with my children.

So if you are feeling creative, I have complied a list of my 5 favourite homemade bird feeders and I have tried to order them in order of difficulty to make.


1. Pine Cone Feeder

Bird Feeders, winter birds, feeding birds at winter
Pine Cone Feeder from Cottage 
in the making blog

This to me is the easiest one to make as pine cones are everywhere at the moment and the string ties easily to the pine cone, then all you have to do is stuff with lard mixed with oats and/or chopped up dried fruit and roll in sunflower seeds.


2. Bottle Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders, winter birds, feeding birds at winter
Bottle Bird Feeder from 
Family Fun Magazine

A very popular one on the net, there are many variations of the bottle feeder- worth googling and seeing the different styles.

I like this one as we all have empty bottles at some point and you can pick up wooden spoons in the pound shops.

3. Pumpkin Feeder

Another use for a pumpkin, it's not going to be a long term bird feeder but fairly inexpensive, brightens up the garden and easy to make. 


Bird Feeders, winter birds, feeding birds at winter
Pumpkin bird feeder from themotherhuddle.com


4. Tea Cup Feeder

Bird Feeders, winter birds, feeding birds at winter
Tea-cup and saucer bird feeder
From Pinterest Pinner

I love this on as you can fill the tea cup with water and surround it with food on the saucer.

Worth looking round charity shops for pretty cups and saucers. Tricky bit would be securing the saucer onto a stick/wooden rod. Couldn't have this in my garden with a 1 yr old, 3 yr old, 5 yr old, 7yr old, football and a dog but lovely nonetheless.


5. Moulded Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders, winter birds, feeding birds at winter
Star Bird Feeder from Pinterest Pinner


A perfect feeder to put out for Christmas time!

Consists of using the moulds that you already have in your kitchen for baking.

I have seen that you can make these either by using the same mixture as the pine cone feeder- lard and seeds or by mixing and heating gelatine mix, water and seeds and leaving to cool.

A few tips…


  • Replace mouldy food
  • Regularly refresh the water that you put out for birds
  • If you have cats and dogs think about the positioning of your bird feeder
  • Encourage your children to make a log of the birds using the feeder, including drawings, photos and descriptions.

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