5 Interior Design Trends For Autumn / Winter 2021

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As we begin to recuperate from the chaos caused by the pandemic, a general shift in attitudes and priorities is emerging. The impact that Covid has had on small businesses and personal finances has led to more conscious consumerism, and the restrictions and limitations of lockdowns have given us a new found appreciation for nature. 

It’s unsurprising that the interior design world has also been influenced by the events of the past 18 months. Towards the end of last year when the UK was in lockdown, we saw a huge surge in popularity for the Hygge trend – one which promotes cosy comforts and simple living. But what interior design trends can we expect to see in the latter half of 2021 now that restrictions have lifted and so-called normality is returning?

In this blog post, we’re looking at five interior design trends which look set to stay, or emerge, in Autumn 2021. 

Colours of Nature

Whilst the grey shades defining early 2021 continue to bear all the hallmarks of a clean, classic home interior,this season it’s all about colours inspired by nature. Perfect for creating a cosy and naturally soothing ambience during the autumn and winter months, green hues and earthy terracotta shades will be adorning the walls of interiors influencers and inspiring our choice of soft furnishings. Green and terracotta complement one another perfectly, so consider decorating with one and accessorising with the other. This emerging colour trend is a prime example of how we are demonstrating a stronger appreciation for Mother Nature in a post-pandemic world.

An Extension of Summer

Materials such as wicker, rattan and bamboo have traditionally been associated with summer. Popular choices for garden and conservatory furniture, they’ve made their way further into homes this year and have been central to the fun and uplifting “tropical” interiors trend. 

Over the past few months we’ve seen rustic pieces paired with vibrant shades of pink and blue and accessorised with palms and cacti. Part of their attraction is that they sit well with almost any colour. In addition, wicker, rattan, sea-grass and bamboo can all be used to make a whole range of home products and accessories, from dressers to lampshades, and chairs to place-mats. As eco-friendly, sustainable materials with a tangible connection to nature, we’re bound to see more of them being used in more imaginative ways.


Many of the most popular interior design trends have been inspired by Scandinavian design. Hygge is a great example and there are elements of this comforting vibe in the latest Scandi-inspired trend to take the interior design world by storm.

 “Japandi” is a hybrid trend combining the simplicity of Scandi and the elegant, nature-inspired features of Japanese design. The trend celebrates imperfections and in true Scandinavian style, also promotes simple living. Think clean lines, natural materials, earthy shades and functional furniture.  This eco-conscious look is all about bringing the outdoors in and keeping the home free from anything which will distract the mind. A true Japandi home will only contain furniture which has a defined purpose, so unnecessary purchases and cluttered surfaces are a big no no. 

Multi-functional Living

For those newly working from home during the pandemic, makeshift desks at kitchen tables were commonplace. Now that many UK employers are accommodating hybrid working into the future, employees have identified a need for a dedicated home working space and are adapting their homes accordingly. 

The installation of fitted bedroom furniture has become a popular option due to its bespoke nature and endless storage possibilities. This type of furniture has enabled bedrooms and spare rooms to become multi-purpose with a dedicated workspace cleanly incorporated into them. Wall beds, which fold away against the wall when not in use, and fold-away desks, save space and add flexibility to a room’s use. Multi-functional furniture isn’t limited to bedrooms either; fitted furniture will provide additional purpose to lounges, hallways, box rooms and conservatories.

Indoor-Outdoor Living 

When businesses were closed and lockdowns were enforced, we had little to do for entertainment purposes outside our homes. Nature became our friend and trips to the cinema were replaced with family walks. Despite being once again able to access all the amenities and attractions we enjoy, we are happily reluctant to part with our new found relationship with the outside world. 

Instagram is overrun with images of houseplants and botanical designs, but even if you’re not a hashtag fan, you won’t have missed the increasing popularity of lush greenery indoors and the abundance of floral interiors. As the days get shorter and the sun shows its face less frequently, we’ll have fewer opportunities to get closer to nature, so expect this trend to stick around. Brighten up dreary days and dark evenings with window sills of lively succulents, sofas covered in leafy-designed cushions, and walls blooming in floral prints. 

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