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I am thrilled to be sharing my latest publication with you today. It has been a while since I have published a paperback and this one is something very different from my usual work. 

I have always loved reading and when it comes to the summer I divulge more into the depths of fiction. Sometimes I try to reference a quote from a book I have read and can no longer find it, I have an urge to write notes and offer my thoughts along the way. But I have never had a place to keep a log of it all, until now!


Announcing the…

Book Review Log Book

Keep a track of your reading progress and your book reviews in one place:

  • Reading Goals
  • To Be Read List
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  • Word Cloud
  • Your Reviews
  • Your Notes


It still raises awareness of domestic abuse

At this point you are probably wondering how or why this is possible in this type of book because it’s a journal type publication that is to be filled in by the reader. Well… right at the back is a nod to my domestic abuse publications and advocacy. It’s small but it’s still there, sometimes we don’t need to be blunt about it but subtle. In terms of awareness, it could reach more readers so you never know how one book can roll onto reading another.

It’s available to buy now on Amazon for £7.99. 

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If you know an avid reader this could be perfect for them, share the news with them. 

Share it online and tag me along the way so I can thank you, I am @JenLGilmour on socials. If you buy it I would love to see photos of you using it as well. 

If you buy it, please review it, reviews on Amazon help authors to gain more exposure on that platform. 


Visit my website for further information:


Once again thank you for your support and for joining me on my creative journey to raise awareness of domestic abuse. 

Jennifer Gilmour 

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