5 Quick Fixes To Spruce Up Your Garden This Summer

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Summertime is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. The Great British Garden rarely gets a chance to be, well, great. We’re a nation that loves to embrace the sunshine, relaxing under swaying trees and refusing those first pitters of rain when our luck runs out.

If your garden is looking a little neglected this summer, we’ve come up with five quick fixes to make your outdoor space bristle with fresh ideas. All the better for falling asleep to the sound of a not-quite-distant lawnmower, right?

1. Stumped for an impression?

Old tree stumps are easy to get your hands on, and can be recycled for stunning garden features. They’re ready-made bases for your creative urges, so hollow them out however much you can, and plant a dozen flowers inside. Bright colours will look incredible offset against the aged bark.

2. Every wall counts

Fences, on their own, rarely elicit excitement, unless you’ve done a brilliant paint job in the past few years. Buy a couple of trellises, position them strategically on your favourite viewpoint(s), and get some wall crawlers to swarm over every inch. Small gardens especially can benefit from the closed-in effect that’ll come as a result, and you’ll feel safe surrounded by the stark red, lilac, or bosom of blue.

3. Bring something else to the table

Every green space needs its focal point, even if all you have is a small two-chair and table set. Scrub it down and get rid of any cobwebs, then position your furniture in a prominent area of the garden and think about what could accentuate the space. Circle it with plant troughs, maybe, or set up parasols on either side for shade when it’s needed.

4. Boys of summer

This wouldn’t be a summer-centric design post without throwing the kids a bone, too. After all, they’ll be running around heedlessly, pulling your arm to join in whatever games they’ve concocted during a lemonade fest. A few little adjustments can mean the world to them, and keep them out of your hair: why not paint a hopscotch on a dozen big-enough stones, or fashion a swing from a tyre and some old rope?

5. A world of colour

The sun easily picks out shapes and splashes of colour, which is why your garden should never be dull and dreary in these precious months. Wind chimes with a spiral effect are a solid choice, as are sun-catchers, giving small but exotic details to your exterior that’ll linger for any visitors lucky enough to see them.

Hartleys’ passion for beautiful homes isn’t limited to bricks and mortar; we fully encourage anyone to make the most out of their garden or backyard area, hopefully using these tips as proof that interesting additions don’t necessarily blow holes in your budget.

Call us on 01756 700471 for more advice, or visit our showroom to find out how much we relish inspiring décor. Happy pottering! 

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