Is your Data protected when an employee leaves?

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How many of us remember the days when important information was kept in paper files?  Of course we all know that those days are long gone and most of today's new information is stored electronically. 

Naturally that could mean trouble for your Company when an employee resigns, because electronic documents are both easy to copy and portable.  This of course makes them more prone to theft, than the good old paper documents. 

How many of you think that employee data theft doesn't apply to your type of business?  Perhaps you should think again, as it has been known that some employees who quit or are fired take confidential business data with them. 


The lesson here is, to protect your data before any one leaves.  This could include any of the following:

  • Your Customer Database
  • Financial Records 
  • Email Lists


It is recommended that when an employee leaves, you should prevent them from accessing their account, setting the account for review and save all relevant and/or necessary files.  Deletion of the account could be carried out in later.

Whilst naturally of course some employees will argue that they need access to their personal files before departing, it is not required, as it must be remembered that any information located on a Company computer becomes the property of the Company.           0330 2020 340     @amshire

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