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EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT: Every member of our Team is dedicated to delivering the highest technological and cost-effective solution to meet your needs and goals.  Through annual client reviews, we ensure that we are not only exceeding your expectations, but giving you access to a highly qualified and friendly support TEAM.  


PROVEN TRACK RECORD SINCE 1995:  We have been in business for over 22 years.  Many of our clients have been with us for over two decades, and most of our new business comes from referrals.  We love what we do, and have a good track record with glowing testimonials to go with the dedication.


EXCEPTIONAL VALUE:  We can offer you high quality technology, services and products at very affordable prices.  Our on-going investment in Cloud Computing means you'll have less downtime, at less cost, benefiting your bottom line.


FLEXIBLE INTEGRATION INTO YOUR ORGANISATION:  We realize that everyone has different needs and business goals.  We work with a large variety of organisational sizes and sectors, each using services tailored to their unique business and performance objectives.  However you utilise our Managed Services, you'll have a choice of integration from the IT Helpdesk to the overall planning of your technology strategy.



Ultimately, we know that you need your work flow to be disruption free and with zero down time.  Even though we proactively resolve issues, you can still call our support team to get help, advice and a problem dealt with.



www.amshire.co.uk        solutions@amshire.co.uk       0330 2020 340    @amshire

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