What Type of Mirror Should You Choose?

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Historically, mirrors were more of a status symbol and a luxury rather than a necessary commodity. These glass pieces have a long history behind them but are mostly used for both for aesthetic and functional purposes. Mirrors house beauty not only with the reflections they project but also with their own compositions as well. Let’s find out the different styles of mirrors that you can choose from to perfect your homes interior decor. 


Rococo Mirrors

These mirrors represent the graceful luxury and grandeur celebrated during the Rococo era. Intricate designs, ornate curves and massive gilt frames make these mirrors playful but elegant. Although, Rococo mirrors work best in classical and Rococo-inspired homes, adding them in a more contemporary setting enhances any space with its exceptional class and regal character. Hang them together with your other furniture or feature them alone, either way Rococo mirrors will always hang proud wherever they are placed. 

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Venetian Mirrors  

Venice is known for its skilful glassmaking techniques and their mirrors are paragons of their artisans’ outstanding delicate designs and are still considered amongst the best in the world. Murano glass artisans perfected the techniques that make Venetian mirrors so exquisite and sought-after. From the streamlined etched style to the more artistic designs of scrolls, swags, floral, and elaborate bevelled pieces all exude a Venetian classic look and are the perfect piece to add to your home. 

The extravagant and richly-gilded type of Venetian Mirrors make great touches to any Italian Neo-classical inspired home and the simpler yet equally elegant mirrors will provide a dramatic flair to any classic modern home. A Venetian mirror in your home is a great way to add a piece of history to your home. 

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Modern Mirrors 

Modern mirrors are pieces of art that show that elegance and luxury in a home can also be obtained with simple, geometric and unique highly polished mirrors. These mirrors have the modern characteristics of simplicity and beauty that doesn’t compromise function. Intricate frames were vital to a mirror’s design and character as from the previous eras. Though they are still part of the modern mirrors, they are being made thinner, more interestingly unique and even adapting to the frameless pieces. Modern mirrors accentuate a modern and contemporary home in terms of its funky and distinct designs and making it more functional due to its space saving ability and flexibility. These are surely head-turners no contemporary home décor enthusiasts can resist. 

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Art Deco Mirrors  

Art deco homes influenced by the different styles of the 1920’s, an era of modern design mixed with fine craftsmanship and rare expensive materials. A combination of luxury and modernity, mirrors became less ornamental than previous eras but still carry a distinct style. Art Deco mirrors are often made using chrome-plated steel and have streamlined and bold geometric shapes. They offer a simpler approach to decor that still encompass the spirit of 1920’s glamour. These mirrors can create a striking focal point within your home effortlessly. Having these mirrors in a modern or Art Deco-inspired room provides a stylish solution and timeless look.

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