5 Tips For A Small Bedroom

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Small bedrooms have a bad reputation. Typically seen as a cluttered space that’s best kept for sleep only, many don’t see the point in giving it a makeover. However, a simple transformation can turn even the smallest of rooms into an appealing area you want to spend time in.Floating shelves add design detail in small bedrooms


Here, we explore some of the very best small bedroom makeover tips.

Make it magnetising

It’s typically believed that minimalist-style trends, such as a white palette and few items, make small spaces appear bigger. But the problem with this approach is that it can often end up making the bedroom feel empty and a touch bland.

A bedroom should entice you – so instead opt for strong, bold designs. You could adopt the maximalism trend, incorporating an eye-catching mural or bright colours for example. There’s the chance to get truly creative – from velvet armchairs to novelty candle holders. Choose a design that reflects your personality and is unique to you. This way your bedroom won’t look like a template that’s copied from interior design magazines.

Allow it to look largeCream mirrored fitted wardrobe creates feeling of space

You can still have the benefits of maximalism whilst embracing some minimalist tones – specifically using techniques to make the room look bigger. For example, tall headboards will produce the illusion of higher ceilings.

Selecting large items of furniture will help too, providing you only pick a couple. This is a better tactic than displaying a huge array of smaller ones that could result in a cluttered appearance. Another idea is to use mirrors. Not only will these magnify the space, but will also boost the natural light in your bedroom. Plus, they can take up minimal space themselves if hanging or leaned up against a wall.

Go above the ground

Securing furniture and fittings to your room’s structures is another way of maximising your space. Raise them from the floor where you can, and display mounted wall lamps instead of taking up space on bedside tables.

Floating shelves and racks are very on trend. You could even add hooks underneath shelving, and perhaps dangle house plants in what would traditionally be classed as exterior hanging baskets. These will allow you to benefit from biophilic design, as well as the extra capacity. You don’t have to keep items off the floor completely with this tip – you can go high by integrating tall upright pieces of furniture, like bookcases, to make the most of storage.

Seek out secret storageStorage solutions for small bedrooms

Perhaps you haven’t considered certain areas as potential storage because they’re elevated or out of sight. Under the bed drawers are useful for storing bulky bedding and towels. Shelving can be fitted above doors to hold books and all manner of nick knacks.

Some of the ideas you’re thinking of integrating might hold secret storage as well. You could fit a headboard with space behind it or a table that folds back as a door in a freestanding unit. A wall bed is the perfect solution for a multipurpose room. Each of these areas are goldmines for tidying away all those pieces of clutter that are encroaching on your limited floor space.

Take advantage of your architectural featuresFitted furniture for sloping ceilings

Finding furniture that can be effectively used as storage can prove difficult when space is at a premium. If you have architectural features that aren’t meant for freestanding items, such as beam or sloping ceilings, you can instead embrace fitted bedroom furniture.

Tailor-made to your room’s measurements,  fitted wardrobes  and dressing tables will slot in easily so you’ll not only have more available storage, but more space too.

Our creative design advice will guarantee that the bespoke fitted furniture achieves your desired look. Simply call the Hartleys team on 01756 700471. You can also have a look at their furniture in person at our Yorkshire factory and showroom, or request a design visit

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