5 Ways To Add Space To Your Home

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Every homeowner wants a little extra space. The bigger our house appears, the better it seems to be. Airy homes are on-trend in the current climate, but after being settled in a property for a certain length of time, it can feel as though the walls are closing in. The problem is that it’s all too easy to accumulate clothes and appliances, but finding a suitable place to store them is a whole different kettle of fish.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to create plentiful space in your abode. Read on for some of the most attractive and cost-effective solutions for opening up additional room indoors:

Try out built-in seating

Seating takes up huge amounts of space in any home, mainly because it’s usually freestanding furniture that sits apart from the walls themselves. But why not merge the two together? Not all furniture has to stand on its own two feet, and by opting for built-in seating, you can narrow gaps all around your property to liberate the living room, kitchen, and bedroom areas.

Deliberate room dividers

Another fantastic way to help your home feel more breathable is by removing conventional entranceways and replacing them with dividers instead. With dividers in place, you can still establish distinctive zones in your households, but without having to sacrifice space for open doors.

Look into loft conversions

Converting your loft into a bedroom, office or living area doesn’t just offer a whole room’s worth of extra space at the pinnacle of your property – it also adds value to the overall price tag too! You’ll need a pro in the know to check the dimensions and suitability of your loft before work can commence, but if the area ticks all the necessary boxes, you can utilise this summit space to shape a grander home.

Consider statement storage

Statement storage units are multipurpose products that blend naturally into the surroundings, allowing you to stow away items in creative ways. Unsurprisingly, this storage method has become terrifically popular in recent years, as an increasing number of homeowners transform their vanity units into corner containers and space below window seats into drawers. Ask any décor expert and they’ll tell you: statement storage is the future of fitted furniture.

Install supersize wardrobes

An imposing wardrobe will look phenomenal in your bedroom – but it’ll also give you a means to store all your clothes in an organised fashion. Tall, ceiling-touching units with pull-down hanging rails are a fine solution – allowing you to comfortably drape all kinds of garments whilst leaving space for your shoes, ties, belts, and other accessories at the bottom.

Fancy learning a few other tips and tricks that can turn your compact-feeling property into a beautiful, expansive modern living space? Get in touch with the Hartleys team today on 01756 700471, or pay a visit to our Skipton showroom. Our team of advisers will be delighted to show you how to enhance your home. 

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