The coldest shave? Denali has arrived at Agent Shave….

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Phoenix & Beau Seasonal Shaving Soap


Inspired after the coldest mountain on Earth, Denali is fantastic, creepingly cold and sensory juddering. This new seasonal soap from artisan Phoenix and Beau ticks all the right boxes for a freezing cold shave! Denali opens with notes of peppermint and is quickly followed by a combination of stimulating mentha piperita derived menthol crystals, and the clean, fresh scent of blue gum eucalyptus and white camphor.

Denali is a mentholated shaving soap and as such will have a significant cooling effect on the skin. If you are in need of a wake up or pick me up shave, this will be your go-to soap!


By introducing menthol crystals to the base soap formula we note that the lathers plasticity increases and as such you might wish to use a touch more water. You will find that it lathers slightly differently to other soaps by Phoenix and Beau, the thickness of lather becomes gooey – almost like liquid plastic.  Also, we have found that warm to hot water works best for lather building. 

The coldest shave?

If you're feeling particularly brave why not enjoy a shave where the only warm water you use is to build your lather. Cold water passes and a post shave splash will accentuate the freeze many fold! After a shave with Denali you will be left feeling clean and refreshed – what a perfect way to start a day! 

Phoenix & Beau Denali seasonal shaving soap £15.99 available at Agent Shave. Free UK delivery on all orders over £25


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