5 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Natural Light

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The clocks haven’t turned back yet, but we’re all feeling those long summer evenings slowly coming to a close. With the nights drawing in and less sunshine to enjoy, it’s time to turn our thoughts to ensuring your home’s well-lit during the bleaker months.

Rather than having your lights on 24/7, there are ways to fill your home with the natural alternative – increasing your productivity, happiness and health. Here are five ways you can boost your home’s natural light, even in the dreariest of weathers.

1. Free your home from dirt

It’s been a busy summer with the kids off school, and the big spring clean you did in March now seems like a distant memory. But dust and dirt can linger in hard-to-see places, and they are the enemy when it comes to allowing natural light to sparkle.

The solution, thankfully, is simple: have a quick clean. Cleansing your windows, mirrors, light bulbs and fittings of these particles will let natural light shine through and reflect all around the home.

2. Let the sunshine in

Dirt and dust aren’t the only things that block natural light; your furnishing choices may be contributing to this too. Bulky window dressing and thick internal doors are the main culprits, but these can be worked around. Swap your curtains for ones made from lightweight fabric. Internal doors can be replaced with ones that are glazed, or removed altogether.

You might also have ill-fitting furniture that is obstructing the path of natural light. To combat this, choose bespoke fitted furniture that tucks seamlessly into your space. You can even make a feature of your window by creating a fitted window seat.

3. Reflect the light

One of the best ways to increase the light in your home is to have it reflected throughout, so that it reaches even the darkest of corners. Coating the walls with light-reflecting wallpaper or paint is an easy way to achieve this.

Don’t neglect the ceilings, though – paint them in a lighter shade than the walls. Doing so will make the walls feel higher and therefore make the room look larger (another great secret for creating a more spacious living area !).

4. Upcycle your furniture

Your furniture can be made more natural light-friendly through their simple transformation into light-reflecting pieces. Sofas and chairs can be upcycled using metallic fabric or paint, or you can layer the tops of your coffee, dining and side tables with Perspex or gloss sheets.

It will also help make your home convey a sense of luxury when paired with metallic-effect cushions and throws, or objets d’art on mantelpieces and bookcases.

5. Make the most of mirrors

Maximise the amount your mirrors catch the light by thinking carefully about their positioning in your home. Placing them opposite windows will mean they refract light all around a space. You can take this one step further by not just using a single mirror, but grouping a collection of smaller ones together, creating an on-trend, eye-catching geometric design.

Another option is to add mirrored tiles to areas like the kitchen and bathroom. You could even create striking wall features with a mix of circular or full-length mirrors.

Hartleys can design mirrored doors on all our fitted and freestanding furniture. We also offer creative advice on the use of bespoke furniture in a variety of rooms, so we can work collaboratively with you to boost the natural light in your home.

Request a design visit to discover how our light-enhancing features will fit within your space. Get in touch on 01756 700471, or take a look at our ranges in person by visiting our Yorkshire showroom.

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