5 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Room

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Spring has well and truly sprung and many of us are itching to get away for a short break, a change of scene or a week of relaxation. As we’re all too aware, holidays of all varieties are on hold and current guidelines still require us to minimise travel and avoid travelling during the busiest times. It has been a long 12 months and many of us are waiting with baited breath for the opportunity to holiday.

If you were hoping to get away for Easter and crave the comfort of a hotel bedroom, why not give your own bedroom a hotel-inspired makeover? Hoteliers are experts in comfort. It is, after all, an important element of why their customers return time and time again. With this point in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you recreate that hotel room feel within your own home…

Bed Matters

The most important element within a hotel room is most certainly the bed. Hoteliers know that a good night’s sleep is crucial to a pleasant overnight stay so a good hotel will put a great deal of effort into ensuring their beds are as comfortable as possible. Fluffy pillows, crisp linens and cool cottons are all essential but you can add a more luxurious feel by using a variety of textures. Having a soft but heavy duvet plus a more breathable alternative such as a light blanket will enable you to swap and choose what you sleep under as the temperature changes.

Reachable Refreshments

When we stay in a hotel, we tend to use our room for more than just sleeping. The delights of the tea tray or mini-bar are always a talking point. Having a comfortable chair and drinks facilities will help give your bedroom a hotel suite vibe. Being able to make a hot drink or pour a chilled glass of water without heading to the kitchen is a simple yet comforting pleasure. A basic kettle, coffee machine or mini fridge will allow you to unwind and refresh in your own little haven of luxury.

Keep it Streamlined

Fussy furniture is a no-no if you’re trying to create the ambience of a hotel room. Contemporary and boutique hotels keep their rooms streamlined to make it easier for guests to move around in. Keep furniture against the walls and keep as much floor space free as possible. The bed is the focal point of a hotel room, so if you’re using bold patterns and interesting textures here, it might be advisable to keep the rest of your room décor as subtle as possible.

Say No to Clutter

You’re very unlikely to find cluttered surfaces in a hotel room. Objects on flat surfaces are kept to a minimum. Other than essentials like glasses and table lamps, flat surfaces tend to be completely clutter-free. Obviously, you will have more to store away within your own bedroom than during a hotel stay, so think about your storage choices. Bespoke fitted furniture is an effective way of storing clothes and other belongings as it will be designed with solely your needs in mind. As a result, clutter will be slower to rebuild and your bedroom will automatically take on a more streamlined appeal.

 Finishing Touches

Sometimes, it’s those little extra touches that make a hotel stay so pleasurable. Whilst placing a chocolate on your own pillow each night might be going a little too far, there are certainly a few things you can do to make your bedroom a welcoming one. Without doubt it’s more inviting to go to bed in one that is already made, where the pillows are plumped up and the bedding is in place. Doing battle with a rumpled mattress cover and creased sheets just before you go to bed will not help you into relaxed mode. And why not have a selection of luxury toiletries to hand to make you feel that little bit more special. A soft bath robe on the back of the door, a few magazines at your bedside and a fluffy throw to snuggle up with will all make you feel like a VIP within your own home.

At Hartleys we design, manufacture and install fitted bedroom furniture which will hug the contours of your room and maximise all available space, to make your bed the star of the show. For a sleek and streamlined finish to your sleep space, call us on 01756 700471 or visit our website.

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