5 Ways To Ward Off The Cold This Winter!

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It’s that time of year again. As energy prices climb higher than ever, it’s understandable that homeowners want to stay away from the thermostat for as long as possible.

But that doesn’t need to mean rummaging through the cupboards looking for hats, scarves and gloves. Fortunately there are plenty of other tricks that can help you banish the chill this winter. Here are just a few ways in which you can stay cosy over the coming months…

Electric heaters

Sometimes all that is needed to chase away that winter bite is a quick blast from an electric heater. An efficient, free-standing model only needs to be on for a few minutes to warm up a room nicely, negating the need to turn up the central heating for an entire home. In the bedroom, switching on an electric blanket before going to bed is the perfect way to banish the chill from those sheets.

Quality blankets

If electric blankets aren’t quite your thing, good quality throws can do wonders instead. Wool blankets will not only keep you warm this winter; by picking out a colour that compliments the rest of the room, they will inject a little style into your bedtime routine.

Draught excluders

No home is truly efficient. There is always a flow of air – between rooms, through gaps in windows and doors, and through fireplaces – that can be reduced or blocked completely. Even the best heaters in the house count for very little with a howling draught whipping up the cold around your ankles in the living room.

Use thick fabric draught excluders to block the gaps beneath the doors and keep the warmth in for longer. These don’t have to be an eyesore; there are some beautifully designed draught excluders available. Spend that little bit extra on a high quality piece that will sit nicely with your room design while keeping the cold at bay.

Stylish thick curtains

Heat can escape rapidly through windows, even if you cannot find any immediately noticeable gaps. Replace your curtains with thick material that can keep the warmth in nicely. Let natural sunlight in to heat up the room while you are at work, and close them after sunset to lock in the warm air.

Rearranging furniture

If you have free-standing furniture like sofas and wardrobes that are blocking radiators, it renders your central heating almost useless. Move bulky items to warm up the room quicker and more efficiently. This is where fitted bedrooms and fitted home offices come into their element.

When designing a room from scratch using bespoke furniture, you can incorporate heaters into the layout. So rather than placing furniture in front of a heater because it’s the only option, you can work with designers to optimise the available space.

For a good few months of the year, winter grips the country. By taking these simple steps to create a snug environment, you’ll find the season considerably more comfortable – and more affordable. Want to make the absolute most of the space in your rooms? Get in touch to discuss how we can transform your home this winter.

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