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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) has arguably become the most important element of an online business presence. It is no longer suitable to have a simple website offering products and services to the public as in the current environment, it is highly unlikely that the public will see the site. Today’s market is about presence, rankings and building awareness. SEO improves these important factors whilst helping the small business build prominence in the market place.

It’s all about the rankings. This is not necessarily so, but rankings do play a vital part in building brand awareness. Obtaining a top position in a prominent search engine, such as Google is important for one reason. Potential customers will see the link. A well-developed website with properly designed SEO will drive traffic and increase ratings, therefore exposure, which keeps the user happy as well as the search engines.

A website incorporating SEO is fast, easy to use and compatible with mobile technology and tablets. With so much browsing carried out on the move, the small business will benefit from being visible in all mediums of communication. The mobile market place and social media platforms offer huge potential for driving up traffic levels and boosting customer awareness.

The small business with SEO at the core of its online presence will always receive a more prominent search engine position when compared to the business that ignores the power of SEO. A better listing position will lead to more clicks by potential customers, and therefore, more sales.

A well designed site, with SEO ensuring a positive flow of organic traffic, means more potential sales and enquiries with the benefit of a 24-hour shop window. Interest in the business can be generated from all time zones, so the potential for exposure is limitless.

Regardless of business size, SEO is now an important factor in the fight to gain and maintain a credible presence in the online market place and more so for the small business wishing to grow its market share. Internet based sales make up an increasing amount of day to day business though it is reckoned that up to 50% of businesses do not have a credible website.

SEO is not only about driving sales, driving businesses up and increasing market share. It is also about creating an online image that potential customers can see and trust. Building customer interaction is a vital part of the small business ideal and SEO can help by making websites friendly and easy to use, as well as improving company ratings and building up a reputation in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SEO could arguably be considered an expense that is unaffordable for the small business, but consider the fact that in a recent Google survey, a properly designed website that embraced SEO is likely to increase traffic and potential sales by up to 40%. This puts into perspective the power of SEO and its effect on internet business traffic, which leads to the conclusion that SEO should be considered a necessity for the small business with an online presence, not a luxury.

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