A Look At Dream-Worthy Dressing Rooms

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Generally, we like to have an ordered base for getting ready in the morning, or slipping on our best outfit before dinner. Dressing rooms enable us to shut out the world beyond our mirror, perfume and shoe stacks, and they’re a tantalising choice for any home improvement project, adding a new avenue to your master bedroom.

But what are the current, grandiose trends for dressing rooms? Let Hartleys be your guide and oracle for the most amazing walk-in wardrobe ideas…

Planning your walk-in wardrobe

The foremost feature of a dressing room is its complicity with your favourite garments. A walk-in wardrobe sets your whole collection out like an exhibition, making it easy to pluck things out and see if they gel. It’s an artistic expression of all the outfits you’ve acquired over the years, gluing your sense of identity together.

So before you choose a fitted wardrobe of intimidating proportions, consider what arrangement is well-suited to your stock. Jackets, jumpers and jeans will need deep shelving; perhaps split them on either side of your clothes rails i.e. one half for trouser wear, the other for torso. There should be another rail too for cocktail dresses or wedding suits, ensuring you have a visual distinction to identify extra special outfits.

Fine footstool placement

There’s not much merit in bumbling about with a pair of shoes in hand, desperately seeking somewhere other than the bed to perch on. Footstools are an essential balm for dressing routines, as they give you a place to rest so you can lace up easily.

We suggest going for a fairly bold colour choice if you only have one footstool; that way, it’ll look like an opulent piece all by itself, standing out from the ordered backdrop of the dressing room at large.

Purple, orange and tanned brown are all viable choices. Traditional aesthetics are quite hard to beat, as they have ottoman-esque side handles to accentuate the seating comfort you might require.

Perfecting your dressing table

Anchoring the entire décor, a table and mirror set allows you to work your magic at all hours. Place your lighting fixture right above the dressing table, which (ideally) should come as fitted furniture to maximise the use of whatever space you’re playing with.

In terms of mirrors, there are plenty of options to explore. Naturally, you’ll want a full-length mirror somewhere in your walk-in wardrobe. But complementing this with a mirror over a dressing table will help you apply make up with razor precision.

Round models, rimmed with copper metal, are a solid purchase, while a pair of adjustable mirrors on either side of the table can hit you from multiple angles, bringing a quirkier effect to your setup.

In any case, dressing rooms are enjoying a surge of heavy attention, thanks to their exclusive nature – it’s all for you, after all – and the clever storage tactics employed by fitted wardrobe interiors. Visit the Hartleys showroom or contact us directly to enquire about fitted storage and the punch it can pack…


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