A Wonderful Worcestershire Woman?

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Hi, Mandy Hughes here, owner of Chores Cleaning Services.

I'm here to tell you how absolutely thrilled I was to hear I had been nominated in two categories of The Wonderful Worcestershire Women Awards.

It was particularly pleasing because I had no idea about it, or even the awards, until I received an email from them with the news.

Personally, it would be very satisfying to win, but more importantly it would be a terrific boost for the business.

Would you please consider visiting the #WWWAwards2016 web site and voting for me. Your help and support would be appreciated most sincerely.

The web link is; www.wonderfulworcestershirewomen.co.uk/contact/

Do I deserve it?

Well I have my eye on the Significant Achievement award because that's where I feel I have something to be proud of.

I started Chores in 2009 when, due to redundancy, I found myself unemployed. I had been a European Retail Auditor for Dixon Store Group International, but with funds running out I put a postcard in the local newsagents window advertising myself as a cleaner. Unfortunately, in the same year I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Bowel Cancer. I had abdominal surgery and underwent 30 weeks of Chemotherapy. I completed my treatment but kept everything a secret from my new cleaning customers, and I took only 2 weeks off work during the whole time. By the end of my Chemo I had employed my first member of staff.

It never occurred to me to be anything of an achievement at the time, but looking back I think I did pretty well.

Please do consider voting for me, it would be a wonderful way of the #SBS community supporting a fellow member.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you all at the #SBS Event next month.

Kindest regards,



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