Think of Pavement Signage as your silent salesperson

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Effective Point-of-Sale Promotion

The digital world of advertising is booming and is rightly at the centre of every business's marketing stategy, however print advertising and in particular especially point-of-sale promotion, is definitely not dead. They are the ideal way to promote your offers in high footfall environments and gain new customers.

However, like all channels of communication, if your message does not create an impact then your efforts are wasted.

Cafe Menu Systems supply a vast range of Display & Point of Sale proven products from proven manufacturers, and coupled with our many years experience in design and print there isn't many types of display materials that we haven't produced over the years.

Pavement Signage comes in many forms from budget A-Frame based, to vertical designs with flexible panels and solid bases to withstand the elements. They work for you 24hrs a day – just think of them as your cost-effective silent salesman!

We also supply many products for trade shows and exhibitions including large format graphics on a variety of substrates. Take a look at our website and online catalogue sections at or drop us an email detailing your requirements at

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